"Quality House", house of quality.


Why is a name like this telling?


The property can be luxurious or modest, therefore the name does not reflect the condition of the property proposed, but the quality of the service that I provide my clients, carefully selecting and evaluating the property for sale.


The agency aims to offer customers, both italian and foreign, an exceptional service that covers the 360° process of mediation and real estate acquisition.


I am young, very young when you consider that the average age of estate agents is 40 - 50. My young age is compensated by my tenacity, determination and professionalism, plus my experience usually only gained in decades.


Selling a property, be it villa, an apartment or a ruin to renovate, is not like selling any other commodity.



Every client who enters my office, enters with a dream, often already knowing the exact details of what they desire.


It is my duty to turn these dreams into reality.


I'm a dreamer too!!